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As every year, here we are in the right season; brides come on stage, some to start searching their dream dress, perphaps the most exclusive and trendy, some to finally define a choice after many tours at ateliers and boutiques, some to make the first fitting of their dress.
But only real experts will be able to understand the character of the bride and propose or create something that exalts the personality, respects the needs and matches in a magical balance the whole wedding reception.
DOMO ADAMI has always been creating trends considering the whole scenario, which is not limited to the dress only but it develops suggestions and tips for the hairstyle, make up, flower arrangements, in harmony with the location of the reception. For this new season, I have designed dresses that express femininity first, the right balance between innovation and tradition to offer to my brides what is the object of their desire and their dream since childhood.
I have envisioned three key trends : Traditional - romantic, glamorous and eclectic 
For those who have always dreamed about the dresses of the fairy tales' princesses there are the A-line gowns, also known as "redingote", that I made in silk mikado and lace for a clean and defined look or in an impalpable silk gauze with lace at the neckline embroidered with clear glass beads and crystals for a fresher effect.
The perfect venues will be the castles, in the better fairytale tradition or country mansions with large open spaces.
The halls of the manor will be decorated with a profusion of roses, lush and creative garlands; country cottages with large tables instead, blend well with simple flowers, ears of wheat and herbs.
Those who wish to be glamorous and sophisticated will choose a mermaid shape or a sheath dress that, taking the inspiration from evening dresses in satin, lace or georgette, emulate the stars on the red carpet and reproduce the charmer role in a modern key.
The hair may be loose and fluffy or taken up in a sophisticated way, pinned with jewels or little sparkling stones.
The make up will be defined with evident light and dark contrast and consistent tones.
The right scenario for this type of wedding will be a villa with swimming pool, for a cocktails at sunset and then continue the party at night with lights and a spectacular scenery, arrangements of orchids and exotic flowers.
For those who don't feel represented in these two styles , have a  highly creative and unconventional temperament  I wanted to propose some special dresses that evoke the splendor of haute couture of a time made of printed organza or gazar, floral patterns that seem to come from the paintings of Impressionist painters for the beauty of colors and designs . Hairstyles will have some colorful flowers , small hats or fascinator and the make up  will use pastel tones and sophisticated shades .
The location, like the dress will be something unusual : an art gallery or a greenhouse of a botanical garden , all set to be the right setting for such an important moment. 
My dresses are all made to measure, specifically for each bride, who tell her desires and her personal vision. Very often these moments are inspiring to create something that does not yet exists , a customized dream to really make her feel herself in her Big Day .
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