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A spectacular evening, organized to perfection, during which the most beautiful performances enliven the audience and guests,  all dressed in evening gowns and selected among the most prestigious representatives of the wedding industry. 

I was the only foreign guest, invited from Italy;  a poet, an artist, a creative person who loves to talk about style, meet new horizons and participate with enthusiasm to the international success of colleagues and friends. So  I got the chance to meet fascinating people during this eventi in Moscow Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at the fabulous Zhavoronki Event Hall, in collaboration with  WHITE MAGAZINE RUSSIA.-

I was excited in being with you, colleagues, admirers, representatives of the Wedding System that we all love so much.

I thank and greet all the people I met and with whom I smiled and celebrated.

I was very excited being with you at the Wedding Ball 2015; select the best talent has not been an easy task...

You are all worthy of note because all of you have done your best as I feel and I try to do mine.

Wedding planner, bridal boutiques, location manager, photographers, singers, showmen, organizers, journalists ...

All .. !!!

I collected some photos in this gallery.-

These are just a few of those in my possession but many others have been made and published

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Congratulations and again  a big hug to all.-

See you soon

Mauro Adami







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